Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Life Style Change -Location Independant

i have often toyed with the idea of freeing myself of my stable home/work life and taking a huge chunk of time off to live a little nomadically. I mean you only go around once and why waste time and effort into sustaining a life style that you may look back on with many what ifs and I should haves. A blog i read called the Nu Nomad has some very interesting and inspiring stories of how and why people go location independant.

Could you do it? Store or sell all your worldly possessions and take to the road, seas, or air in search of a unique way of life tailored to your liking? As you can tell I am on the fence, waiting for lightning to strike so I can take the big leap. One day i say to myself. Seriously, no maybe next year... or the next...I need to just quit dreaming and GO.