Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sci Fi becoming SyFy

I really wasn't sold on the the SyFy logo when I first saw it back a few months ago on Brand NewIn March.

I actually thought it was too cheerful for the network and a tad feminine. But after watching syFy last night ( Ghost Hunters -dont judge) though I see where they are going with it and I think the agency Proud Creative has done a really nice job with the rebrand. It's fun, uses tons of really great motion graphics and I really like how they are handling the transition of the new logo with these commerical shorts by Blind Visual Propagana .

Well done! you can see the rest of the work they did for the rebrand right here.
image via Brand New / Underconsideration

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NiNa* said...

I was pretty annoyed with the name change, just seemed pointless, but yeah the logo and marketing campaign that has gone along with the re-brand has done a lot in softening the blow.

P.S. Ghost Hunters rocks!!